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The Greater St. Louis Region CISM Association services include the support and oversight of an organized, selected regional intervention team. The Team functions under the supervision and direction of a Program/Clinical Coordinator and adheres to overall guidelines and protocols established by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. The most common intervention service provided is critical incident stress debriefings. The intervention team is comprised of mental health, EMS, fire, law enforcement, disaster planning, nursing and chaplain professionals that complete an extensive application, education and cross-training process and meet ongoing education and participation requirements.


Types of membership include the following:


ORGANIZATIONAL – organizations that are interested in furthering the development and maintenance of CISM services. ( Non-voting)


INDIVIDUAL –    individuals who are interested in supporting the Association’s purposes.



INTERVENTION TEAM – individual association members who upon completion of a formal application, oral interview and training process are selected to provide crisis intervention services such as debriefings,

defusings, etc. Intervention team members are required to complete and maintain a number of specific criteria and requirements.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS – individual association members who are elected to a two year term by the CISM Association to direct the overall operations of the organization. Categories seek to provide representation of professions served by the CISM organization (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement) and attention is paid to promote representation of the various geographic regions served.



If you would like additional information or have questions regarding membership in the Greater St. Louis Region CISM Association please contact the on-call team representative at (314) 491-2819 or contact the organization at the mailing address
1266 Sutter Avenue St. Louis Missouri 63133


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