The Greater St. Louis Region Critical Incident Stress Management

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The Greater St. Louis Region Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Association was established in 1991 to provide education and a form of crisis intervention specifically designed to assist emergency responders in coping with the stresses inherent in their professions. The CISM Association is a volunteer, not for profit organization that supports the development and maintenance of services to minimize the effects of occupational stress related to traumatic, crisis or critical events and exposure. These services include education and training, planning, consultation, and crisis intervention. The highest priority is to support and respect individuals involved in programs and services, and maintain confidentiality. Additionally, the Association strives to provide free, no charge access to services for all first response organizations in the region. All programs and services are governed by an elected seventeen member Board of Directors.

 accelerate recovery of emergency services personnel

having normal reactions to abnormal situations


The Greater St. Louis Critical Incident Stress Management is a 501c3 organization.

Our work is supported by donations and we thank you all for your gifts.

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